Because Data Has To Be Accessible

Our Architects and Systems Engineers are capable of virtualizing desktops, and delivering applications and data, securely, to any end point, anywhere in the world. Convergence can help your organization ensure that information is available to the people who need it, when they need it, wherever they are, and on any device they choose.


Because Everyone Needs a Backup

Designed correctly, infrastructure should be an enterprise-wide insurance policy. Our solutions are designed to ensure uninterrupted business operations with reliable data recovery. And when it isn’t data, but a client who requires backup, Convergence provides access to security cleared engineers, via 24x7 help desk or full-time onsite support.


Because Security Shouldn’t Limit Progress

It isn’t helpful to learn about a threat after the damage is done. Convergence provides its clients with robust system and unparalleled end-point security. And with Intelligent ID, organizations aren’t just securing their data, they are gaining critical business intelligence into their organizational efficiencies and where improvements can be made.


Because Clouds Can Be Good for the Forecast

Cloud computing is benefit rich and Convergence works to understand a client’s strategies and key functions to ensure that the segments of a business that belong in the cloud are sourced there. Be it IaaS, SaaS, or PaaS, each organization’s needs are different, and Convergence supports the most prudent cloud based services for each client’s particular needs.


Convergence Continues Expansion with Deep Run Security

Convergence Technology Consulting announces the acquisition of Deep Run Security enhancing our Cyber Suite of products and services.


Convergence Technology Consulting

Solving Data

Convergence solves data availability problems. From a remote employee who needs secure data access from a server on the other side of the world to the executive who needs a different view on business analytics to an organization trying to secure their intellectual data, every organization eventually runs up against a data challenge. Convergence partners, with organizations like yours, to solve data.

Convergence has the capabilities to bridge gaps, and securely deliver critical data to the people who use it. Whether a virtualized desktop for a global organization, a cloud-based application designed to collect and deliver data in a useful format, or a security program to monitor user devices against data loss, Convergence is positioned to secure an organization’s data against loss or compromise, while at the same time, make it entirely accessible to the people who need it, anywhere on the globe.

Safe Cloud

Secure & Accessible

Until recently, organizations were able to capitalize on one, but usually at the expense of the other. However, Convergence’s ability to do both gives our clients the strategic advantage that can only be realized when an organization’s information is simultaneously highly secure and fully available.

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